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Alice Pilgrim
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Alice Pilgrim is the sister of Ned. When he goes off on his cruise, he drops off his son Austin at her house, promising to be back in a week's time. Alice seems to have a fiery personality and likes to speak her mind during any situation.


  • Alice's exact surname is unknown, as she might be married. She is the sister of Ned, so her surname at one point or another would've have to been 'Pilgrim', so until proven otherwise, she will remain known as 'Alice Pilgrim'.
  • Alice's first appearance is in Down the Rabbit Hole. This links to the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which the episode title and the episode itself, references. She is named after the book's protagnoist.

Ned Pilgrim
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Portrayed by Lee Pace
Centric-Episodes:   "Encounter at Far Point" · "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Flashback characters: Alice Pilgrim · Austin Pilgrim · Dominic Frost · Hallie Pilgrim · Leigh Blackmoor · Theo Benoît
Items: Photograph · Gun

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