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Annalese McCall is a mysterious woman who operates a black market scheme by murdering people and harvesting their body parts to sell for a profit. She manipulates women that have gotten out of medical school, or women from foreign countries unable to get their documents legalized in the States, into thinking they're doing good working at her private practice, the Azure Seaside Clinic.


Annalese appeared at Leigh's apartment the day after her release from medical school due to her inability to pay her fees. She claimed to have insiders working at the school that let her know of Leigh's release and offers her a job at her private practice, the Azure Seaside Clinic. Leigh is hesitant, but she eventually ends up joining the practice and grows to have a sisterly relationship with Annalese and a fellow pupil, Melanie. Annalese sends off Melanie and Leigh for a night on the town after a long day of work. She sends a text to Melanie saying she has work to do, but Leigh reads it instead and heads up to the clinic to find it still open after hours. Annalese gives classes to foreign students who don't have the proper documents to prove they are surgeons or nurses or whatnot so she gives them work there. Melanie rushes over and Annalese ushers Leigh off while Melanie brings in a mysterious 'delivery'. ("Where There's Smoke...")

Annalese's true colors were shown to Leigh when a body on the operating table woke up - the body of Melanie's date from the night prior - and Annalese was forced to silence him for good. She revealed her practice's true nature; a black market scheme where she harvests body parts and sells them for a profit, but threatening Leigh that if she says anything, she has people everywhere and she will find out. Leigh, heartbroken and afraid, books a cruise and tells Annalese she's taking a vacation, when in reality, she doesn't plan on coming back. It is unknown if Annalese is oblivious to Leigh's true intentions, but she seemed oddly calm and collected when Leigh announced her trip on such short notice. ("Where There's Smoke...")

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Portrayed by Olivia Wilde
Centric-Episodes:   "Encounter at Far Point" · "Where There's Smoke..."
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