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Elizabeth Moxley
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Elizabeth Moxley or Beth is the lover of Dominic and wife of Tom Moxley.


Beth met Dominic at a bar, unknowing that at the time he was a recovering alcoholic, where the two shared a drink and a dance. Sometime after, Dominic took Beth out to dinner, where she was surprised by the treatment she was getting, feeling guilty she then told him she was in fact married to a man named Tom. Not wanting to lose him, she asked that the two remain friends, to which Dominic hesitantly accepted. He later learned that Tom beat her and the two eventually had an affair together. Dominic asked Beth to run away with him on a cruise around the world so they can hide from Tom, and bought a ring he was going to present to her. Before he could present the ring, Tom burst into the room and beat up Dominic, as he was about to beat Beth up when Dominic tackled him through a glass table, a glass shard impaling Tom in the neck. Horrified, Dominic asked Beth to run away with him again but she refused, claiming that their lives would be nothing if they were looking behind their backs. He tried to convince her and present to her the ring, however she refused and told him his only hope was for him to run away and take the cruise alone, before the police would catch up with him. ("The Twelfth Step")

Dominic Frost
Portal Dominic
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Portrayed by David Anders
Centric-Episodes:   "The Twelfth Step"
Flashback characters: Beth Moxley · Tom Moxley · Donny
Items: Ring · Chain · Bag · Passport · MacCutcheon whisky

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