Brother Campbell
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Andrew Connolly
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Eddington, Scotland, UK
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Emily Campbell (daughter)


Brother Campbell is the leader of the Eddington Monastery in Scotland, being a devout Christian. He is the father of Emily Campbell, who claims that he abandoned her and her mother for "his God", and once he left, her mother became "a mess".

As a monkEdit


Campbell offered work for a distraught Desmond (who briefly attended this monastery in "Catch-22"). However, one night Campbell discovered Desmond drunk on wine the monastery makes. As a result, he fired him. He gave Desmond one last job -- to load wine into Penny's car, introducing them to each other.

Years laterEdit

Campbell arrived at his daugthter Emily's house, where she met him with hostility. When he went into her apartment, she shouted for Mike, her husband, but Campbell revealed that nothing -- no one -- was there. He admits his daughter to Santa Rosa Mental Institute, so he can help her get over her condition. ("The Mind of Emily Campbell")


Emily Campbell
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Portrayed by Karen Gillan
Centric-Episodes:   "The Mind of Emily Campbell"
Flashback characters: Brother Campbell · Mike · Dr. Brooks
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