Dominic's ring was a ring Dominic bought for his lover, Beth. Dominic attempted to present it to Beth after asking her to go on a worldwide cruise with him, but they were interrupted by Beth's husband Tom, who was angry over their affair. A struggle ensued, resulting in Tom's accidental death. Dominic begged Beth to come with him and to take the ring, but she refused. Dominic fled the scene, and went on the cruise by himself. There, he hooked the ring onto a chain around his neck as a momentum of his lover.

Dominic Frost
Portal Dominic
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Portrayed by David Anders
Centric-Episodes:   "The Twelfth Step"
Flashback characters: Beth Moxley · Tom Moxley · Donny
Items: Ring · Chain · Bag · Passport · MacCutcheon whisky

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