"Encounter at Far Point" is a mysterious, unfinished book carried by Mats. The co-author who is helping a yet unnamed individual finish the final chapters. The book was lost by Mats after the cruiseship wreck and later taken by Leigh Blackmoor. Ned and Leigh try to get answers from Mats but, he denies that it has anything to do with the island.


The contents of the book are unknown. However, a papyrus with various letters and typography was included with the book. Annie had close interest with the papyrus, but not the book itself. The relationship between the book and the papyrus, if any at all, remains unknown. ("Encounter at Far Point") While most of the passages are in Sweden, there are a few written in English, presumably the English portions written by the other author with Mats having written the portions in Sweden. ("The Mind of Emily Campbell")


The author of "Encounter at Far Point" is an unknown male, but is a mutual acquintance between Mats and Annie Rand, who knew each other before the cruiseship or the wreck. ("Encounter at Far Point") It later turns out that the book is co-written, with one name having been eroded away from the crash and the other being Mats, himself. ("The Twelfth Step")

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