Katy's father is a yet unseen character and passenger on the cruise. He and his daughter were seperated in the crash and it is unclear if he survived or not. Theo promised Katy he would find him, but has since doubted his survival. He is of Hispanic origin.



He is the father of Katy.

On the La MerEdit

He and his daughter passed by Summer and Anatole during a dispute, he asked if everything was alright, which they both said yes to. ("Monster") It is unknown if he survived the shipwreck.

Summer St. Clair
Portal Summer
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Portrayed by Rachael Taylor
Centric-Episodes:   "Monster"
Flashback characters: Anatole Krum · Charlie Hume · Iris Choudhry · Katy · Katy's father
Items: Summer's memoir

La Mer Crew & Passengers

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