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Malcolm Nammock
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The Man with the Yellow Eyes
Late 60s
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Toronto, Canada
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Malcolm Nammock, aka The Man with the Yellow Eyes, is a businessman working for Avias Corporation and has interests in the Island that appear to be in conflict with the Islanders.

Before the IslandEdit

Malcolm took Theo under his tutalage as both men worked for Avias Corporation in Toronto, Canada. Theo saw Malcolm as a grandfather figure and assisted him in the creation of a project called the Dharma Intiative with Paik Industries, a name taken from the original Initiative funded by the Hanso Foundation. Theo became guilty when he realized how the new project could ruin Paik. Ultimately, Malcolm made it seem as though Theo were jealous of a stock reduction and moved forward with the project. ("The Man with the Job")

On the IslandEdit

Malcolm managed to get on the Island and hunted Theo to take a box from him. However, Ned Pilgrim stopped him in a confrontation at Hydra Island. His eyes have somehow turned yellow. ("The Man with the Job")

Theo Benoît
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Portrayed by Misha Collins
Centric-Episodes:   "The Man with the Job"
Flashback characters: Ji-Yeon Paik · Malcolm Nammock · Mr. Yu · Dominic Frost · Beth Moxley · Tom Moxley
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