Mats managed to bring a gun onboard the cruise, and claims to have "a very good explanation" for it. It is unknown why and how Mats got the gun onboard the ship.

Currently, the gun is in the possession of Ned, who has since discovered Mats' lies and taken the gun from him.

Mats Lindgren
Portal Mats
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Portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård
Centric-Episodes:   "Encounter at Far Point"
Flashback characters: Annie Rand
Items: Encounter at Far Point · Gun

Ned Pilgrim
Portal Ned
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Portrayed by Lee Pace
Centric-Episodes:   "Encounter at Far Point" · "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Flashback characters: Alice Pilgrim · Austin Pilgrim · Dominic Frost · Hallie Pilgrim · Leigh Blackmoor · Theo Benoît
Items: Photograph · Gun

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