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Melanie Foster is a former friend and co-worker of Leigh Blackmoor while working at Azure Seaside Clinic and the close confidante and pupil of Annalese McCall. Melanie works as one of Annalese's main organ harvesters.


Melanie was one of Leigh's friends at her new workplace, helping make her comfortable. It is mentioned by Leigh that she formed a sisterly bond with both Melanie and Annalese. Melanie and Leigh were sent out on the town one night. Leigh wasn't feeling too good, so she decided to head home. As she did she noticed Melanie's phone had a new message. Nosy, she checked it, and saw that Annalese was calling Melanie to work late at night. Leigh snuck over there and soon after, Melanie arrived with the newest "delivery". The next day, while working on a corpse with Leigh, Melanie witnessed the body sit up. Leigh recognized the corpse as the man that Melanie was with yesterday, a man who went missing. Melanie just watches, a bit ashamed, as Leigh breaks down in fear and horror concerning the truth about her friends and her job. ("Where There's Smoke...")

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Portrayed by Olivia Wilde
Centric-Episodes:   "Encounter at Far Point" · "Where There's Smoke..."
Flashback characters: Annalese McCall · Clifton Strauss · Dr. Forsyth · Drunk couple · Graham · Mats Lindgren · Melanie Foster
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