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Samuel King is an Island inhabitant and one of Walt's followers, who has signifcant secondary leadership over the group to Walt himself.

Character HistoryEdit

Samuel was first introduced when Theo, Roz, and Emily infiltrated the Others camp in order to find answers about Katy. The trio were captured and sentenced to execution, but Hallie convinced Sam to keep them alive and take them to the hole, using one as a guinea pig to investigate the area. ("The Man with the Job")

Sam couldn't keep his people inline and tensions ended with Roz being fatally shot. Theo was dropped in the hole, while Sam took the others to the Temple. ("The Man with the Job") ("The Wizard of Roz") Once at the Temple, Sam placed Roz in the pool and healed her. He explained to Emily and Roz that they could never leave the others. ("The Wizard of Roz") Sam gave more information as to why Roz is now a part of the Others as Walt meets back up with Sam and the rest of his group at the Temple. Sam went with the group on their way back to their camp. ("Broken Mirror")

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