This article contains episode summaries for the first season of LOST: The Next Generation.

Season summaryEdit

Original episodes of season one aired from June 29th, 2010 to March 5th, 2011.

Principal castEdit

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Special guest starsEdit

Recurring castEdit

Main plot pointsEdit

Season 1 started off concentrating on the shipwreck of a luxury cruise liner and the survivors struggling to survive and find rescue on the Island.

Numerous subplots made up the entirety of Season 1.

  • Annie and Mats' hidden agenda and the origin and meaning of the mysterious book "Encounter at Far Point" and their connection to Walt.
  • Annie's kidnapping of Katy and the group's search for her.
  • The mission given to Ned by his wife Hallie, who mysteriously disappeared months ago and has mysteriously resurfaced on the Island, to kill the 'man with the yellow eyes'.
  • The growing relationships between Ned and Leigh, Emily and Theo, and Summer and Jonathan.

Season summaryEdit

Many of the character's lives before the crash are explored, and they are detailed here;

  • Ned Pilgrim is an art teacher and a family man, having maried the woman of his dreams, with whom he has a son. His wife Hallie becomes pregnant again, but loses the child, causing her to go into a state of depression. One night she goes missing, causing Ned to become depressed and he can barely take care of his own son. He decides to take a cruise on the luxurious La Mer so he can try to get his mind straight, leaving his son Austin with his sister, promising to return to them in a week.
  • Dominic Frost is an alcoholic who begins going down the road to recovery when he meets Beth Moxley, a married woman he eventually falls in love with and they begin an affair. After accidentally murdering her abusive husband, Dominic is forced to abandon Beth and board the cruise to flee the authorities.
  • Jonathan Harker is a lawyer with a wife and young, sick son. Jonathan gets too caught up in putting away convicted murderer, teenager Charlie Hume, for the accused murder of Summer St. Clair's parents, causing rifts with his family and co-workers. Jonathan soon faces a devastating loss, as his own preoccupation with the Hume case causes his son Lucas not getting his medicine in time, leading to Lucas' tragic death.
  • Emily Campbell is a young woman leaving her homeland of Scotland to start a new life in Los Angeles, which is where she meets Mike, who she eventually marries. It turns out Mike is only a figment of Emily's imagination, and her estranged father places her in Santa Rosa Mental Institution to help her control her mental condition.
  • Summer St. Clair is a world traveler who wrote a memoir after experiencing the brutal murder of her parents at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Anatole. After receiving a threat, Summer attempts to pull the book before it goes on sale and lock up an innocent teenager that was framed for her parents' murder, but her publicist and close friend Iris talks her out of it. Summer puts the book on sale and returns to Australia to hide out. While on the La Mer four years later with Iris for a nice catch-up, Anatole interferes. Finally realizing she can't live her life while he's alive, Summer contemplates killing Anatole, but the ship wreck interferes, not letting her become the kind of monster she despises.
  • Theo Benoit is a gifted businessman who oversaw a merger between two of the world's biggest companies: Paik Industries and Avias Corporations. Under the tutalage of Malcolm Nammock, Theo planned to exploit the merger in order to give his side more power. However, he fell in love with Ji Yeon Paik and soon exposed his company's plans, resulting in the destruction of their relationship.
  • Roz Mulheron is a young woman from London born into the lower class of the inner city. She looked after her family, including Emus, Veronica, David, and Eden. However, she was closest with her older brother Adrian. After learning of his ties with the crime life she knew too well, Roz killed a member of the crime world in order to get Adrian a chance at a free life while she spent time in bars.
  • Mats Lindgren is a former prisoner who took the conviction of Annie Rand in order to save her the charges of murder. He was wrongly diagonosised a sociopath due to the mysterious murders, but took his prison time to write a book called Encounter at Far Point.

Episode summariesEdit

Encounter at Far Point

Encounter at Far Point
See main article: "Encounter at Far Point" (Read the script here.)

Episode number: 01

Original air date: June 29, 2010

Flashback: Ned Pilgrim, Leigh Blackmoor, and Mats Lindgren

Written by: Sam Winchester

Directed by: Sam Winchester

Plot: Ned Pilgrim, a former art teacher, awakens following the crash of a luxury cruise liner and steps forward as a leader among a large group of survivors. An odd transcription is uncovered on a papyrus hidden inside a book, arousing suspicion against the book's owner, while a young girl goes missing, resulting in an ominous warning from a mysterious stranger.

Guest starring: Unknown as Katy, Unknown as Jungle Man, Unknown as Yellow-Eyed Man


The Twelfth Step

The Twelfth Step
See main article: "The Twelfth Step" (Read the script here.)

Episode number: 02

Original air date: July 15, 2010

Flashback: Dominic Frost

Written by: TAFKA

Directed by: TAFKA

Plot: A trip to the jungle for food leads to a trial of temptation for Dominic. Meanwhile, Ned and the others have to deal with the fallout of the mysterious man in the jungle. Flashback explores the origin of Dominic's ring.

Guest starring: Unknown as Katy, Sarah Paulson as Beth Moxley, Scott Porter as Tom Moxley, Stephen Rannazzisi as Archie, Joey Slotnick as Donny


...And Justice for All

...And Justice for All
See main article: "...And Justice for All" (Read the script here.)

Episode number: 03

Original air date: August 2, 2010

Flashback: Jonathan Harker

Written by: Chubby Chickenz

Directed by: Chubby Chickenz

Plot: After a gruesome discovery at the beach camp, Harker's quest for justice becomes a redemptive trip through the jungle. Meanwhile, Roz tells Leigh about her encounter with Mats.

Guest starring: Unknown as Katy, Unknown as Jungle Man, Unknown as Renee Harker, Unknown as Lucas Harker, Unknown as Sheryl Yaxley, Unknown as Judge Foran, Stephen Rannazzisi as Archie, Unknown as Charlie Hume, Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond Hume


The Mind of Emily Campbell

The Mind of Emily Campbell
See main article: "The Mind of Emily Campbell" (Read the script here.)

Episode number: 04

Original air date: August 19, 2010

Flashback: Emily Campbell

Written by: Lie

Directed by: Lie

Plot: Emily leaves the beach along with Theo to search through the luggage, but who is the mysterious man watching her in the jungle? Meanwhile, Ned and Leigh decide to confront Mats about the book once and for all.

Guest starring: Johnny Whithworth as Mike, Andrew Connolly as Brother Campbell, Unknown as Katy, Jim True-Frost as Arthur, Unknown as Flight Attendant, Unknown as Elderly Couple, Bruce Davison as Dr. Douglas Brooks


Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole
See main article: "Down the Rabbit Hole"

Episode number: 05

Original air date: September 5, 2010

Flashback: Ned Pilgrim

Written by: Johno

Directed by: Johno

Plot: Ned brings along Marcus and Summer in an effort to track down Annie. Meanwhile, Emily struggles with her mental condition and Roz deals with heavy amounts of guilt just as her past comes creeping back to haunt her. Flashbacks explore the many relationships in Ned's life and how exactly he wound up on the cruise.

Guest starring: Rose McGowan as Hallie Pilgrim, Courtney Ford as Alice Pilgrim, Liam James as Austin Pilgrim



See main article: "Monster"

Episode number: 06

Original air date: November 28, 2010

Flashback: Summer St. Clair

Written by: Johno

Directed by: Johno

Plot: Summer and Jonathan make a surprising connection to their pasts, while Theo, Emily, and Roz go on a trek looking for Katy's father. In flashback, a complex time in Summer's life is explored.

Guest starring: Janina Gavankar as Iris Choudhry, Gilles Marini as Anatole Krum, ??? as Charlie Hume, ??? as Katy's father, ??? as Katy, ??? as Walt Lloyd


The Man with the Job

The Man with the Job
See main article: "The Man with the Job"

Episode number: 07

Original air date: December 22, 2010

Flashback: Theo Benoît

Written by: Necktie

Directed by: Necktie

Plot: Theo, Roz, and Emily are captured by a group of natives, who have an agenda for Theo. Meanwhile, Ned prepares for his mission against Leigh's wishes. Flashback explore Theo's life as a business worker.

Guest starring: Rose McGowan as Hallie Pilgrim, Donald Sutherland as Malcolm Nammock, Kristin Kreuk as Ji-Yeon Paik, James Avery as Sam, Skeet Ulrich as Kansas, Hazel Douglas as The Seer, Robert Dahey as Mr. Yu


The Wizard of Roz
See main article: "The Wizard of Roz"

Episode number: 08

Original air date: January 14th, 2010

Flashback: Roz Mulheron

Written by: Necktie

Directed by: Necktie

Plot: Roz is taken to a mysterious Temple in order to be healed from her fatal gunshot, but Emily is unsure its worth the consequences. Meanwhile, Dominic finds something from his past that makes him question his friendship with Annie and Mats, while Harker gets close to findiing a way off the Island.

Guest starring: Rose McGowan as Hallie Pilgrim, James Avery as Samuel King, Skeet Ulrich as Kansas, ??? as Adrian Mulheron, Damon Lindelof as Leonard, as Emus Mulheron, as Veronica Mulheron, as David Mulheron, as Eden Mulheron, Bruce Spence as Mickey Lagudi, Chris Evans as Matthew.


Broken Mirror
See main article: "Broken Mirror"

Episode number: 09

Original air date: January 28th, 2010

Flashback: Jonathan Harker

Written by: Johno

Directed by: Johno

Plot: Jonathan wrestles with his past, causing tensions between himself and Summer, as Ned, Marcus, and Theo come to agreeance on how to deal with Malcolm Nammock. Flashbacks focus on Jonathan attempting to piece his life back together after the death of his son, Lucas.

Guest starring: Rose McGowan as Hallie Pilgrim, Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Walt Lloyd, James Avery as Samuel King, Skeet Ulrich as Kansas, Joe Mantegna as Gideon Wilds, ??? as Renee Harker, ??? as Eames, ??? as Gavin, ??? as Stone, Bruce Spence as Mickey Lagudi


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