Summer St. Clair wrote a memoir after experiencing the murder of her parents. There was much hype around the release of Summer's novel because her father was a world-reknowned big game hunter and many people were waiting to hear her side of the story, and also thanks to the expertise publicising thanks to the book's publisher, Iris Choudhry. After hearing of the book somehow, Anatole, the murderer and Summer's ex-boyfriend, threatend Summer by sending her the severed head of her deceased bother in a box. Summer felt threatened and nearly pulled the book, but was coerced by Iris to put it out. Shortly after releasing the book, Summer returned to her homeland of Sydney, Australia to lay low because Anatole was still on the loose.

Summer St. Clair
Portal Summer
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Portrayed by Rachael Taylor
Centric-Episodes:   "Monster"
Flashback characters: Anatole Krum · Charlie Hume · Iris Choudhry · Katy · Katy's father
Items: Summer's memoir

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