This page breaks down unanswered questions by the episodes these questions were asked.

Season 1Edit

Here you can find the questions raised in the episodes; what the answer is to some and which ones that's still unanswered.

Encounter at Far PointEdit

  • Who was Ned Pilgrim thinking about calling in the deck?
    • PARTIALLY ANSWERED. It may be assumed he was thinking of calling his son.
  • Who called Leigh and why was she upset about the call?
  • Who was Theo screaming to in the phone, and what does he do for Paik Industries?
    • ANSWERED. Theo was heading a project for Avias Corporation along with Paik Heavy Industries called "The Dharma Initiative". He was probably talking to one of his co-workers. ("The Man with the Job")
  • How do Annie and Mats know each other?
  • Who didn't Mats believe beforehand?
  • Whose book does he have to finish? And why?
  • What are the contents of "Encounter at Far Point?"
  • Where did the papyrus sheet come from? How old is it? What is "encounter at far point" in the Island?
  • Who is the man Katy found in the forest? And how long has he been in the Island?
  • What did he mean with "watching" them? Is he good or evil?

The Twelfth StepEdit

  • How did Annie and Mats know about Dominic and his alcoholism?
  • Why did they need to test him?
  • How is Dominic ready?
  • Why did Mats have a gun and how did he get it on board the cruise?
  • Who is the co-author of ‘Encounter at Far Point’?
  • Why and to whom, was Marcus writing a letter to on the ship?
  • Why did Marcus burn the letter and why was he so emotional about it?
  • What is the origin and importance of Dominic's chain?
  • If testing Dominic was the plan, why did Mats say Annie was treading hot waters?
  • Before Dominic joined them, what was Annie suppose to be sneaking off to find if Mats was already going to look for the book?
  • What things did Summer go through that were "much worse" than third-degree burns?
    • ANSWERED. It can be assumed she meant the murder of her parents and being followed by her psychotic ex-boyfriend and just the whole murder trial in general, since it took a huge toll on her. ("Monster")
  • What were the designs Leigh spoke of in the book?
  • Why was Dominic added to the list and yet the other letters/names were already there? Had they already been tested?
  • Where the whispers Mats and Roz heard in the jungle those of the dead or something else?
  • If Mats is familiar with the Island, why did the whispers startle him?
    • PARTIALLY ANSWERED. According to Mats, he've never been on the Island before. Altough, if he knew about the whispers beforehand is still unknown. ("The Mind of Emily Campbell")
  • Why does Roz not like to get involved and what previous experience has affected her?
  • Why does Theo leave when Mats enters the wreckage site?
  • What is the source of the island's healing abilities that are now affecting Ned and Summer?
  • Does Mats know anything about Jacob’s Cavern?
  • What is Katy's surname?

...And Justice for AllEdit

  • When and why did Jonathan end his relationship with Renee?
  • Where did Jonathan obtain his "fireman" skills that he showed to posess when rescuing Summer?
  • Who did Charlie Hume kill? Did he even do it? Is he really innocent?
    • ANSWERED. Charlie didn't kill anyone. He was framed by Anatole Krum, Summer St. Clair's boyfriend, for the murder of her parents. ("Monster")
  • Who killed Archie?
  • What did Emily mean when she told Theo that "death follows her"?
  • What do the Watchers last words to Harker mean?
    • "This is it Jonathan. This is where you show me you're ready to get those many questions of yours answered."
    • "All you have to know right now is that you and your people are in grave danger-- that is, if my leader fails to protect you. If you want to be capable of knowing or discovering anything else, you need to make a gesture. Give my people a sign you're ready to move on."
  • What kind of illness did Lucas Harker have that caused him to be killed only two hours of his medicine withdrawl?
  • Why do all the survivors need to be tested again?
  • Who is the "him" that Annie is apperently longing to see?
    • How will testing the survivors bring her closer to this person?
  • If the "Watcher" in the jungle who tested Harker isn't the one watching them, then who is?

The Mind of Emily CampbellEdit

  • Why did Emily leave Scotland to start a new life in Los Angeles?
  • What is the story behind Brother Campbell leaving Emily and her mother?
  • How did Emily's mother become a wreck after Brother Campbell's departure?
  • What's the nature of Mike and how did Emily become crazy?
  • How and when was Emily released from Santa Rosa? Did she really get better?
  • What did Annie and Mats mean when they wondered if "they" had taken Harker with them?
  • What did Annie mean when she wondered if Harker was ready?
  • Who placed Mats' files in the jungle, and why?
  • How come only bits and pieces of "Encounter at Far Point" are written in English?
  • Is Mats really telling the truth about not being on the Island before?
  • What is in Theo's envelope and why did he act as he did when Emily found it?
  • Why did Emily see Mike again on the Island? Is she really going crazy again?
  • Where is Annie taking Katy?

Down the Rabbit HoleEdit

  • What "exciting things", as referenced in this episode, happened to Summer during her travels through Asia and Africa?
  • Is there any significance to the notepad Marcus carries around?
  • What happened 'back in London' that leaves Roz shaken at any reference to it?
  • What did Mats whisper in Roz's ear?
  • Did Annie really plant the backpack?
  • Why does Zhen have trust issues?
  • What horrible things did Zhen go through that she would "never wish upon anyone"?
  • Why did the Others abandon Annie but take Katy?
  • Was it really Hallie in the jungle?
  • What happened to Hallie? Was she really kidnapped or is there more to it?
  • If it was kidnapping, why was she kidnapped in the first place?
  • What "work" did Hallie do on the Island?
  • What does Ned have to do in order to be supposedly reunited with Hallie?


  • Why must Ned kill Malcolm Nammock (the yellow-eyed man)?
  • What kind of struggle is occuring on the Island between Walt/Annie/Mats' people and an unknown other force that apparently consists of Nammock?
  • Why did the people that attacked Annie in the jungle take Katy?
  • How far back does Summer's friendship with Iris go?
  • What is the significance of the golden-hilted knife being held by Summer in her apartment whilst she cried?
  • When and how did Summer meet Anatole?
  • Why did Summer's parents disapprove of him?
  • Who is Anatole's "powerful father"?
  • Why did Summer drop out of high school to travel?
  • How and when did Penelope Hume die?
  • How is Vincent still alive?
  • Is Mats telling the truth in saying those papers were falsified and that he is not really a sociopath?
    • ANSWERED. Yes. Annie is the sociopath. Mats falsified the papers to protect her.("The Wizard of Roz")
  • Did Anatole and Iris die in the shipwreck?
  • Why did Anatole kidnap Summer's mother and later kill her instead of killing her alongside Summer's father?

The Man with the JobEdit

  • Who is the Seer? What is her role in the Island community?
  • Who do Sam, Kansas, Hallie, and The Seer allign to? Are they part of Walt's camp or a separate party?
  • Who is Shawn and why was Kansas greiving him?
  • What is in the package that the sick man gave to Theo to give to Benjamin Linus?
  • How did Malcolm Nammock get on Hydra Island?
  • What happened to him that made his eyes yellow?